Analyse: For knowing your targated markets, main players and your fit.

Market research service Qualitative and quantitative market analysis for understanding target market's environment and the players. Starting from 500$ per project.

Acquire: Reach and influence broader partnership audience .

  • Custom partnership blog post for your company:
    Starting from 50$ per blog post ≈ 300-500 worlds.
  • Get featured on our social media:
    Starting from 100$ per post.
  • A custom partnership deck:
    Starting from 100$
  • Ad-boost:
    Starting from 100$ set up fee + 300$ min. budget + 10% campaign management fee from the budget.
  • Influencer boost:
    Starting from 100$ set up fee + 500$ min. budget + 10% campaign management fee from the budget.
  • Custom video:
    Starting from 100$ per minute.
  • Deal prospecting:
    Starting from 30$/h
  • Outreach service:
    Search > List > Reach. Starting from 1000$ per project.

Convert: Maximise mutual benefits of incoming and existing partnerships.

  • Set up basic partnership platforms:
    Starting from 30$/h
  • Onboard partnership systems and strategies:
    Ask quotation
  • Partner research and benchmarking:
    Starting from 30$/h
  • Partner relations management:
    Starting from 30$/h
  • Foreign representation service:
    Company representation in another country. Virtual events & meetings in the local language. Starting from 50$ per hour.

Retention: Longer partnerships and new collaborations with existing ones

  • Negotiation: Ask quotation
  • Maintainence: Ask quotation
  • Deal flow management: Ask quotation
  • Dedicated Partnership Representative: Starting from 30$/h